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Deejay Stereo

A deejay bot to beautify your music experience. Music like never before


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__**DEEJAY STEREO - Music like never before**__

A deejay bot for discord to simplify and beautify for music experience. Reaction controlled. Audio Filters, 

**Supported Streaming Platforms**
YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, vimeo, reverbnation, facebook and discord attachment links also

**Reaction Controls**
1)⏭️ For skip the current song / playing next track.

2)⏮️ Back to the previous song.

3)⏯️ For pause and play a song.

4)🔊 For volume up.

5)🔉 For volume down.

6)⏪ Seek 10 second backyard

7)⏩ Seek 10 second forward

8)🔁 For loop queue/song/off

9)↩️ Replay the current song

10)🎶 Turn ON/OFF autoplay mode

11)🔀 For shuffle the queue.

12)⏹️ For stop the queue.

__**Music Commands**__
autoplay, backward, bump, clearqueue, filter, forward, join, jump, lyrics, move, nowplaying, pause, play, previous, queue, remove, repeat, resume, search, seek, shuffle, skip, songinfo, stop, swap, volume, wfilters

__**Audio Filters**__
bassboost, 8D, vaporwave, nightcore, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, reverse, treble, normalizer, surrounding, pulsator, subboost, karaoke, flanger, gate, haas, mcompand, mono, mstlr, mstrr, compressor, expander, softlimiter, chorus, chorus2d, chorus3d, fadein, names, length, toString, create, define, defineBulk

**Utility Commad**
help, botinfo, botinvite, bugreport,  ping, uptime, support, upvote, feedback

**__Admin Commands (Server Settings)__**
ban, prefix, unban, disable, enable