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From Color roles, to Anime and Memes, AGB is the perfect bot for you and your server


Prefix: tp! - customizable

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Status: ONLINE




Support Server


My prefix is `tp!`, to understand how to use me, do `tp!help` and I will show you all of my commands. 

## **Why Should I use AGB?**
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I have the Following Features:

Moderation, Fun, General Information About Users/Servers
24/7 Bot Uptime, 
Free and easy to use, 
No Bugs, 
Customizable Prefix,
Fast response time, Always watching chat.

Here are my commands: 

## Music:

 `join` 	      Join your current voice channel

 `summon` 	      If you join a different voice channel but want to keep your queued songs, use this

 `leave` 	      Leave the current voice channel

 `volume`	      Set the volume of your songs

 `now`		      See whats playing right now

 `pause`	      Pause your song

 `resume`	      Resume your song

 `stop`		      Stop playback 

 `skip`		      Skip the current song

 `queue`	      Displays what you have queued up to play next

 `shuffle`	      Shuffle between the queue

 `remove`	      Remove a song from the queue

 `loop`		      Loop the queue

 `play`		      Play a song, can be a youtube link or search for it

## DiscordCmds:
  `avatar`        Get someones avatar
  `banner`        Get the current banner image 
  `bug`           Report bugs that you run into
  `colors`        Tells you all the colors this bot can make
  `firstmessage`  Provide a link to the first message in current or provided channel.
  `give_color`    Allows users to give themselves a color role. do `tp!colors` to see what you can add to Yourself
				If there arent any colors, do `tp!rainbow` to create the roles 
  `joinedat`      Check when a user joined the current server 
  `mods`          Check which mods are online on current guild 
  `roles`         Get all roles in current server 
  `server`        Check info about current server 
  `server_avatar` Get the current server icon 
  `suggest`       Suggest things this bot should have or not have.
  `user`          Get user information 
## Fun:
  `ascii`         Beautify some text
  `bigmoji`       Post a large .png of an emoji
  `birb`          Its really just geese 
  `chatchart`     Generates a pie chart, representing the last 5000 messages in the specified channel.
  `chatrevive`    Revive the chat with fun topics.
  `coinflip`      Flip a coin, heads or tails?
  `dog`           Puppers 
  `eightball`     Ask 8ball 
  `f`             Press F to pay respect 
  `hotcalc`       Returns a random percent for how hot is a discord user 
  `howgay`        Tells you how gay a user is lol.
  `hug`           Hug people 
  `kiss`          Kiss people
  `lenny`         ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  `listemoji`     Lists all available emojis in a server, perfect for an emoji channel
  `meme`          sends you the dankest of the dank memes from reddit
  `mock`          Mock a user with the spongebob meme
  `password`      Generates a random password string for you
  `pat`           Pat people 
  `poke`          Poke people
  `pp`            Find out someones pp size
  `rate`          Rates what you want 
  `remind`        Set a reminder for yourself
  `reverse`       Reverses Shit 
  `simp`          Tells you if a user is a simp lol. 
  `slap`          Slap people
  `smug`          Look smug
  `tickle`        Tickle people
  `translate`     Translates a message to English using Google translate
  `ttt`           Tic Tac Toe 
  `urban`         Find the 'best' definition to your words ***NSFW CHANNELS ONLY***
## Information:
  `about`         About the bot 
  `botserver`     Get an invite to our support server! 
  `invite`        Invite me to your server 
  `ping`          Pong! 
  `policy`        Privacy Policy 
  `say`           Speak through the bot uwu 
  `source`        Who Coded This Bot 
  `todo`          Stuff to come, future updates i have planned for this bot
## Moderator:
  `add`           Adds a role to a user
  `ban`           Bans a member from the server.
  `cleanup`       Cleans up the bot's messages from the channel.
  `find`          Finds a user within your search term 
  `kick`          Kicks a user from the current server. 
  `make_role`     Create a role with any name and color 
  `mute`          Mutes a user from the current server. 
  `newusers`      Tells you the newest members of the server.
  `nickname`      Nicknames a user from the current server. 
  `perms`         Tells you what permissions the bot has.
  `purge`         Removes messages that meet a criteria.
  `warn`          Warns a user with any warning

  `pardon`        Removes a users warnings

  `removerainbow` Deletes all the rainbow roles

  `infractions`   See how many warnings / infractions a user has

  `rainbow`       Creates a bunch of color roles for your server.
  `remove`        Removes a role from a user 
  `setprefix`     Change the prefix of the bot for your server.
  `softban`       Soft bans a member from the server.
  `toggleslow`    Slow the chat.
  `unban`         Unbans a member from the server.
  `unmute`        Unmutes a user from the current server. 

## Thank You For Reading
Please Invite me, it's free and you can always remove me from your server, and if you do, please tell me what I should do differently.
Thank you