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Want a Talkative G.f ? UwU Jericho can be your Virtual G.F. with 24/7 Music Player,Logger,260+ Games Server Status and many more .


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# **Jericho Documentation**
## **Jericho Wiki**
_Jericho is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot and used by 3 Million+ Users and 200+ Servers and is growing still now , Commands and Features will be listed below_ *and Universal Prefix as -* `dc!` *and Later can be Changed to your Desired Choice and Help Command for Jericho is* - `dc!help`


## **Commands Categories**

1. ***Utility Commands***
2. ***Entertainment Commands***
3. ***Fun Commands***
4. ***Misc Commands***
5. ***Moderation Commands***
6. ***Staff / Dev Commands***


## **Extra Informations**

> **Utility Commands :** 
*Jericho has Some Helping Features for Discord Server like Giving Game Server Status for 260+ Games with 2 minutes Auto - Update Feature ,  A.I. Chatting is also for you to comfort you in Bad Times and many More in the Category*

> **Entertainment Commands :**
*Jericho has some Cool Features to entertain You by Serving a High Quality Music from Spotify / Youtube / SoundCloud with the help of id , Title , and Link . Jericho will more number of Features in - future like Text to Speech or 24/7 Radio Feature [ After getting Some Donations ]*

> **Fun Commands :**
*Jericho can Meme Generate for you from Social Platforms , You want to Share your Own Memes to Publish ? You can also do it . There you can do Many Funny thing like You can Actual Marry or Propose Someone . I know it's Virtual But you know Jericho is there to Celebrate with you , and Many More Commands*

> **Misc Commands :**
*Jericho can say Anything for you or do Something for you like Custom Made Commands . Woah are you excited ? Wait its in Development* .

> **Moderation Commands :**
*You want to Secure your Server from Raiding you or Anyone Else ?? Jericho is made for such a day and with Moderation Logs for everythng with Jericho's Logging touch and Many More Strong Commands* .

> **Staff / Dev Commands :**
*Staff and Developer Commands are something Confidential for a Reason , We follow Jericho's Privacy Policy Strictly and We never trough away the Data Protection , But All the Staff are Trained to use those Commands and are very Much Trusted for these Work*


#### Starboard Commands
* **A.I. Chat Commands :** *Bored ? Wants to make a new gf/Waifu ? Talk with Jericho after Setup like* - `dc!chat channel <#Mention-Channel>` *in your Discord Server .

* **Game Server Status :** *Want to Setup Minecraft , Rust , Valheim , and 260+ Games Server Status on your Discord Server Channel with 2 min Auto - Update Rate , Setup like -* `dc!status setup`

* **Suggestions Logger :** *Want to Setup Suggestions Logger and Accept / Reject / Kept under review the Suggestion by your Members , Yes they can give Pics , Gif in Order to Give their Suggestion more meaningfull , Setup like -* `dc!suggest setup`

* **24/7 Music Player :** *24/7 Music Player by Jericho with 340 kbps Quality and Save Songs in List and can Play with everyone , with 24+ Type of Commands , Setup like -* `dc!music setup`

* **Announcement Creator :** *Want to Give Some Hyperlink on your Announcement ? And Embed it beautifully ? Here Jericho comes in handy , Setup like -* `dc!announce setup`

* **Jericho Stats :** Jericho also Posts Stats about its Usage , Ping and Uptime , Setup like -* `dc!stats channel #Mention-Channel`

* ***And Many more is there and Can be Found on*** - `dc!help`


### **Supportive Links**
>- **Instagram** : [ **Profile Link** ](
>- **Discord Server** : [ **Server Link** ](
>- **Invite Link** : [ **Invite me** ](