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An all in one, all purpose, sleek & modern discord bot built for well established and professional servers seeking for more than just a bot.


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An all in one, professional and well built, next generation bot

 *note that the "$" before every command refers to the
 default prefix, however this could be changed at any time using
 "$prefix {new-prefix}". This command list is subject to change and
 this should not be relied on completely. Not all capabilities of 
VERTIGO is listed here, that can be viewed using "$help" at any time.
 🕯️ Command List 🕯️ 
General Use Category 🔧:
$afk - Sets yourself as AFK.
$purge - Purges messages from chat [mod perms required]
$sudo - Send a message as the VERTIGO bot
$avatar - Sends your or another users discord profile pic in chat
$react - VERTIGO reacts an emoji onto a message.
$addrole - Adds a role onto a user [mod perms required]
$embed - Send an embed in chat
$serverinfo - Gives information about the server you're in.
$userinfo - Gives information about your discord account or another discord account.
$removerole - Removes a role from a user.
Moderation Category 🔖:
$lock - Locks a channel by stopping users from typing
$setnick - Edit another members discord nickname
$unlock - Unlocks a channel that has been locked
$find - Finds a user within your search term
$move - Moves a member from one channel to the other
$announcerole - Makes a role mentionable and removes it whenever you mention the role
$massban - Mass bans multiple members from the server.
$prune - Removes messages from the current server.
$slowmode - Sets a channels slowmode from a command
$unban - Unbans a user from the server
$banlist - Shows currently banned players
$kick - Kicks a user from the server
$warn - Warn a member in your server, can be configured
$mute - Mutes a member for the specified time, e.g $mute @User 24h [reason]
$unmute - Removes the Muted Role from a user.
$ban - Bans a user from the server
Utilities Category 🤖:
$test - Developer test command
$developers - List Current Bot Developers
$info - Gives you info on VERTIGO bot
$disc - Vertigo Support Discord Server
$rolelist - Shows full server role list
$vote - Vote for VERTIGO on
$premium - Lets you know if we ever release a VERTIGO Premium
$ping - Shows your latency
$serverid - Gets current server id
$invite - Invite VERTIGO to your server from one command
$botleave - VERTIGO will leave your server on command
$userid - Gets a users ID
$serveravatar - Get the current server icon
$banner - Get the current banner image
$joindate - Check when a user joined the current server
$ownercheck - Checks if user is Bot Owner
$prefix - Change the bots prefix for your server.
$shutdown - Dev command, shuts bot down
$mods - Check which mods are online on current guild
Fun Category 👽:
$fancy - Fancy text
$boldfaktur - Bold faktur text
$dice - Roll a virtual dice!
$aesthetics - Aesthetic text
$fraktur - Fraktur text
$coinflip - Flips a coin, heads/tails
$8ball - An 8ball will answer all of your questions
$noticeme - Notice me senpai! owo
$motivate - Motivate you from a single command
$f - Press F to pay respect
$nerdyquote - Send some nerdy quotes in chat
$tias - Try it and see! :)
$double - Double Struck text
$password - Generates a random password string for you
$slot - Roll the slot machine
$inspireme - Be inspired from one single command!
$slap - Slap a fellow discord member
$urbandict - Find the 'best' definition to your words
$google - Google search from a single command
$beer - Give someone a beer!
$hotcalc - Returns a random percent for how hot is a discord user
$coffee - Posts a random coffee
$reverse - Everything you type after reverse will of course, be reversed
$rate - Rates what you desire