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GF Status

Gaming Family Status can fully moderate your server.


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Support Server


GF Status got a list of useful futures that everyone would need in his server
**Tickets Commands** *( tadd - claim - closeticket - ticket - trem - ticketsetup - unclaim )* fully customizable settings when using the dashboard
**Reaction Roles** *( addreaction - editreaction - rrbuilder - rremover - rrdm - rrtypes - rrwipe )* NOTE (You can't add custom emojis) it ll be supported soon
**Alt Detector** *( aaction - abybass - adisallow - amodlog - asetdays - atoggle - findalts - youngest )* you can easy set it up through the dashboard
**Level Commands** *( rank - rolelevel - toplevel - levelupmessage - levelupchannel)* you can assign roles to users based on their level in the server also you can setup a custom level up message, Amazing Right?
**Images and Fun Commands** *(Actually a lot of commands, you gotta check it by yourself)* GF Status got a pretty awesome collect of images and fun commands
**Economy Commands** *( balance - beg - buy - daily - deposit - fish - pay - roulette - sell - shop - slots - toprich - weekly - withdraw - work)* just don't forget to collect your daily credits and try your luck with slots command
**Logging Future** *(With GF Status you can log everything in your server into channels also you can set the ignored roles and channels)* 
**Not amazed yet?**
well you gotta go ahead a make your own custom commands and auto responses *(Make your server special)*
you can see more futures on website (