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Ready for me to remove links from self-advertising or any sort?


Prefix: a. (customizable)

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 Anti-links - by DawnReality#9479 and I_qxr#0001

You may take a look below for information about me, thanks for reviewing me.

 What do I do?
Tired of members' self-advertising? I'm the right one for you! I'm an auto-moderation-built bot. I will automatically delete links any user sends. unless they have any whitelisted/allowed module enabled. Willing to know more? take a look below!


Quick Note: This bot needs to manage messages and send message permissions, the message author is required administrative permission to perform configuration. I will not affect anything whitelisted on the server.

 Brief view of my configuration commands

Added auto-mute system. Auto-mutes users whenever they send a link and is not whitelisted to any module.

a.antilink (toggle enable/disable - default is disable)

a.setlogs (channel mention/ID) - Set a logs channel for me to send message notifications when modules are configured.

a.removelogs (no required field) - Removes the current logs channel of the guild.

a.allowchannel (channel mention/ID) - Whitelist a channel so I don't delete links in that specific channel.

a.denychannel (channel mention/ID) - Un-whitelist a channel so normal actions will be taken in that specific channel.

a.allowmember (member mention/ID) - Whitelist a member so actions wont be taken on that members' links.

a.denymember (member mention/ID) - Un-whitelist a member so normal actions will be taken.

a.allowrole (role ID/mention/full name) - Whitelist a role so actions wont take place on the specific role.

a.denyrole (role ID/mention/full name) - Un-whitelist a role so default actions could be taken on that specific role.

a.setmessage (custom message) - Set a custom message for me to send when I deletes links(there is a default if not configured).

a.status (no required field) - Review what has been configured in the guild.

Server administrators, moderators and guild owner are automatically whitelisted members. If you have any partnership/advertising channels I suggest you whitelist that certain channel/channels before enabling anti-links. Do not include profanity in custom messages, it will lead to server blacklist.