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A multiple purpose bot including revolutionary helpful features. Modbot is a perfect bot for Moderate your server and others.


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ModBot Has over 250+ Commands:

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What is ModBot Do?

ModBot is using for Moderations / Images / Giveaways / Fun / Info / Support / Music / ticket /Utility / Admin and many more command use for mod bot here some command for modbot this bot now have over 110+ commands


  • Moderation commands (kick, voicekick, mute, clear, ban and more...)
  • Info commands (ping, serverinfo, snipe, membercount and more...)
  • New commands are comming soon..


Command Name Description Usage $
addrole Add role to any user addrole <@user> <@Role>
removerole Remove role from any user removerole <@user> <@role>
announce This command use for ping and annouce the messages accounce <#channel> if you want to remove @everyone ping use "-"
ban Ban members in guild ban <@user> reason
unban Unban a user from the guild unban [username] or [userid] or [usertag]
clear Clear meassages from guild! clear <1 to 99>
createchannel Create channels in guild createchannel [channelname]
deletechannel deletechannels in guild deletechannel [#channel]
deafen Deafen a member in a voice channel deafen <@User> [reason]
removedeafen Remove deafen a member in a voice channel removedeafen <@User> [reason]
kick Kick users in guild kick <@user> [reason]
lock lock users in guild lock <#channel> [Role Id]
unlock unlock users in guild unlock <#channel> [Role Id]
lockdown lock all channels in server lockdown [on] or [off]
nuke delete full channel in guild nuke <#channel>
slowmode Lets you set slowmode on the channel> slowmode [settime s/min/h] [max is 6 hours]
voicekick kick users from voice channels voicekick <@user>
warn warm members in servers warn <@user> [reason]
warnings show all warnings on user warnings <@user>
resetwarns reset all warnigs on user resetwarns <@user>
tempmute temporarily mute members on server $tempmute <@user> [reason] [time/s/h/d]


Command Name Description Usage $
play play the songs on youtube and sound cloud play [song name or song Url]
stop stop the current playing song stop
skip skip the current playing song skip
loop repeat the current playing song loop
volume change song volume volume [0 to 100]
playlist add song to queue playlist [songs Url]
pause pause the current playing song pause
clip play quick clips on song clip [name]


Command Name Description Usage $
avatar view the user avatar avatar <@user>
botinfo view the bot information botinfo
discriminator view users tags discriminator
discord find anything on dev guild discord [you sreach]
github find github accounts $github [username of accounts]
membercount view member count in server membercount
npm search any npm npm [search]
ping view bot latency ping
serverinfo view server info serverinfo
uptime This bot last restart time uptime
userinfo view any userinfo userinfo <@user>
wiki find anything on wikipedia wiki [search]
afk use away from keyboard afk [you activity]


Command Name Description Usage $
speed sending api custom image speed <@user>
stonks sending api custom image stonks <@user>
triggered sending api custom image triggered <@user>
wasted sending api custom image wasted <@user>
deepfry sending api custom image deepfry <@user>
changemymind create custom word to image changemymind [add anything]
gay sending api custom image gay <@user>
pat pat someone pat <@user>
shame sending api custom image shame <@user>
smartcat sending api custom image smartcat <@user>
smug sending api custom image smug <@user>
tickle sending api custom image tickle <@user>


Command Name Description Usage $
advice sending some advices advice
ascii create custom words ascii [type anything]
cat sending some cat images cat
cry sending some cry images cry
dog sending some dog images dog
fact sending fact things fact
hug hug someone using images hug <@user>
idp create a room idp [room name] [room id]
meme send mems meme
neko send niko pictures neko
punch sending custom images punch <@user>
slap send custom images slap <@user>


Command Name Description Usage $
start start a giveaway start <#channel> [duration] [winners], <[prize]
reroll restart da giveaway reroll <#messageid> or [<]giveaway name]
end end the giveaway end <#messageid> or [giveaway name]


Command Name Description Usage $
setnick setnick name to user setnick <@user>
setreport setreport a channel setreport <#channel>
setsuggest setsuggest a channel setsuggest <#channel>


Command Name Description Usage $
bugreport send bugs and report to dev server bugreport [your report]
emoji show all emojis in server emoji
help get help panel help
poll create a poll poll [add anything]
report send report on report channel report
suggest give you suggestions suggest [you suggest]


Command Name Description Usage $
add add ticket to members add <@user> or [userId]
close close the ticket close
create create a ticket create
delete delete the ticket delete
remove remove user form ticket remove <@user>
reopen reopen the closed tickt reopen <@user> or [userId]


Command Name Description Usage $
afk setafk if you are busy afk [anything]
hastebin add code hastebin [code]
imdb find movie info imdb [Name of movie or tv series]
say say anything say [anythng]
snipe view delete messages snipe


Command Name Description Usage $
dm this command is bot owner only dm <@user>
serverlist this command is bot owner only serverlist
ginvite this command is bot owner only ginvite


Command Name Description Usage $
invie get bot invite link setnick <@user>
vote get bot vote link vote
support use this command you can you in mod bot support server support