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This is a moderation bot for discord server. Server owner or admin can moderate server members easily. Also this bot have many features, see long description to know.


Prefix: c!

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Status: ONLINE




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About Camelia

Camelia default command prefix is c!. You can change the bot command prefix. For change prefix use c!prefix <new prefix>

c!help - Get Camelia Help Commands. • c!help mod - Get Moderation Commands. Ex: kick, ban, warn and many more. • c!help automod - Auto Moderation Commands. • c!help chsetup - Setup Server Channels. • c!help chmod - Channel Moderation Commands. • c!help admin - Get Admin Commands, only owner and admin can use these commands. • c!help webhook - Webhook Commands. • c!help role - Role setup and manage Commands. • c!help emoji - Emoji Commands. • c!help chatbot - Chat with bot system. • c!help economy - Economy System. • c!help ticket - Ticket System. • c!help image - Get image commands when see random images. • c!help fun - Funny Commands. • c!help facts - Get random fact of animals. • c!help karma - Karma Commands. • c!help math - Math commands like a basic calculator.

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