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MusicaL A Discord Bot That Plays Music Using Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify etc.


Prefix: mb!

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Status: ONLINE




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This Is A Music Bot Developed In JavaScript Play Music Using Spotify And Youtube This Bot Has A Special Feature Of BassBoost You Can Make Your Song More Bass The Prefix Of Bot Is mb! The Quality Of Music Is Very High You Can Play Music Without Lags Simple Play Commands is mb!play, mb!pause, mb!resume The Main Commands Are:- mb!bassboost  - Enables bass boosting audio effect mb!clear - Clears the server queue mb!config - Edit the bot settings mb!grab - Saves the current song to your Direct Messages mb!help [command] - Information about the bot mb!invite - To invite me to your server mb!loop - Loop the current song mb!loopqueue - Loop the whole queue mb!lyrics [Song Name] - To get and search lyrics of a song mb!nowplaying - See what song is currently playing mb!pause - Pauses the music mb!ping ping - Get bot ping :/ mb!play [query] - Play your favorite songs mb!queue - The server queue mb!remove [number] - Remove a song from the queue mb!resume - Resumes the music mb!search [query] - Search a song/playlist mb!seek