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Another Food Bot :D


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What is this Bot? This is a Bot i recently started to code. I started coding this bot due to the fact i wanted a bot like my other bot red square

This is why I invented Waffle - A multi purpose bot.

What does it do? It can do alot of stuff like moderation, Fun, Leveling And Info

For example, i would like Yukimero#7235 to be unbanned. I would simply use Waffle to get the id of Yukimero#7235 and run the command w!unban 738051410481905704 to unban him, so he can join the server once more, So easy!

How do i use it? Waffle uses the prefix w! to see all commands run the command w!help

Features on Waffle -moderation -fun -leveling -info and more coming soon

Plans -more fun commands -economy commands