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A multipurpose bot with automod, economy, and more!


Prefix: g^

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Mr. StormyGalaxy ツ#1297


Support Server


Meet Galactic,
The multipurpose bot with tons of moderation, automod, music, economy, and counting commands. You will never need another bot again!
Why should you get galactic?
Galactic has a ton of features that the other bots have, but you dont have to pay for them. Galactic is constantly getting updated so if it doesnt have a feature that you want, do not fear
You can always suggest more features on the support server, and I am always active on it as well. I am sure that you will like this bot, so I don't have any fears.
To view a list of the commands, you can do g^help 
If you are satisfied with the work, please consider voting for the bot. It's free!