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Confession Bot

Confession Bot is a bot that allows user to confess anything privately & securely | The bot is super fun to use too!


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ethereal <3#0066


Support Server


This bot's purpose is for users to submit confessions by using the confess command quickly and anonymously.. (it can be anything… eg: an embarrassing secret that you want to get off your chest or just something you wanna say for fun)

The owner of the bot is ethereal🌈✨#6666 (me) and the Co-owner is NotHiiro#9999 you can dm both of us for bugs or suggestions for the bot..

**This bot is fully up and working with very minimal bugs and offline time.**

- We have also added some extra things to make the bot pretty such as rainbow colored embeds

- Come join the community server where **every-one** of our staff are kind, friendly and helpful.

- Confession Bot is growing fast with over 400 members and 15+ servers in **A WEEK**

`All Bot Commands For Confession Bot`

`Support Commands`

**,,faq** - bot dm's you with a faq message on setup and general information.
**,,help** - this help command
**,,bug** {bug that you found} - sends the bug that you found to the owner. (*only report valid bugs please*)

`Confession Commands`

**,,confess** {confession message} - sends your confession anonymously into the designated confession channel.

`Setup Commands`

**,,setconfesschannel** {channel **id**} - sets the channel that confessions will appear in.
**,,setuphelp** - gives you *even more* information on how to set up the bot. 
**,,rperms** - shows a list of required permissions for the bot to function properly.

`Utility Commands`

**,,ping** - the ping of the bot.
**,,invite** - sends the invite link for the bot.
**,,hai** - says hi

`Moderation Commands`

**,,logchannel** - sets server **mod** log channel
**,,blacklist** {@user} - blacklists a user from comfessing.
**,,whitelist** {@user} - whitelists a user (removes blacklist)

**/ Slash commands on the bot aren't displayed here (its a new feature and still in beta/development on the bot)**

*Contact owners for additional info.. this list will be updated as new commands are added*

*Text inside {} brackets are meant to help you use the command, you do not need to include brackets*