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The best discord economy bot with even more!


Prefix: Gg

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Jelly Dev#8072


Support Server

# The one and only Jelly

**Have you ever heard of this bot named Jelly? If no then I got you covered**

**Jelly has a lot of command categories and is still in development**

# What does it have to impress you?
**Below are some of the command categories**
- [x] Available without premium 
  * rob, bankrob, pay, balance, fish, hunt, pm, pet, profile, prestige, blackjack, gamble, slots, daily, beg, pet hunt, pet feed and a lot more!
* ♣️FUN and GAMES 
  * akinator, 8ball, dice, snake, fight, aittt, ttt, banner, emojify, dog, cat, meme, joke and more!
  * play, skip, pause, resume, np, search, loop, volume, filter and more! [Gg mhelp]

  *spank, trigger, ad, linux, hitler, rip, bed, gay, tweet, tattoo and more! [Gg help image]
 ** enable, disable, settings, vote, invite. [Gg help utility]
- [ ] Available without premium 
  *chatbot enable, chatbot disable. [Gg help chatbot]
So what are you waiting for? Add this bot and start spicing up your server!
> And we have got much much more!! Hope into the fun right now!

**Available Links**