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MiniBot (BETA)

The best Bot for your Discord server!


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In addition to being a new Bot on Discord, we want all users to feel nice and comfortable using our Bot.

In the future we intend to add new functionalities and commands to the Bot, which does not cause errors and try to keep it 24/7 every day.

The functionalities of the Bot are:

⬩ Economy: Manage and Economize your Discord server.
⬩ Fun: Try fun commands for your Discord server.
⬩ Administration: Manage and Manage your Discord server

In addition to bringing all those functionalities, the best thing is that all the commands are completely FREE for all users who use the Bot.

We always try to bring the best for all the users who use the Bot.

And if you have doubts, errors or questions, my developer will be happy to help you: xDeath_GGxᴼᴾᴰᵉᵛ # 9999