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a new and one of a kind bot to provide fully customizable server-specific profiles for you and your members, including Custom profile images, link your social medias and alot more features!


Prefix: - (customizable)

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Support Server



This bot is new and still in early stages please join our 
Discord @ or keep upto date on our Website @

set a custom prefix
- -setprefix [prefix]

manage socials

manage custom info

View a users profile
-profile view @[user]

Set the bio of your profile!
-profile setbio [bio]

Set the color of your profile!
-profile setcolor [hex]

Set an image of your profile
-profile setimage [image]

Like a users profile
-like @[user]

Dislike a users profile
-dislike @[user]

>We are currently looking for Moderators and a Support Team

>Moderators will monitor the Profiles of others and have responsibility of taking action towards any profiles that are hurtful to anyone in any way shape or form, you will also receive a unique moderator badge that can be seen on your profile anywhere that uses the Profile bot as a way to identify yourself.

>Support will handle any Questions and Queries from the community and will receive extra perks, you will also receive a unique badge that will help identify yourself anywhere that uses the profile bot.