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Clipartic is an advanced Music Bot for Discord Servers which supports Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube with Shuffling, Volumes control, Sound effect and many more.


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About Clipartic

Clipartic command prefix startswith $


$play - Play your favourite music from Spotify , SoundCloud or YouTube. • $connect - Connect bot to a voice channel. • $disconnect - Disconnect bot from the voice channel. • $nowplaying - Show the current playing song. • $pause - Pause the song. • $resume - Resume the song. • $restart - Restart the current playing song. • $forward - Forward the music current position. • $rewind - Rewind the music current position. • $previous - Play the previous song. • $queue - Show the list of upcoming songs. • $skip - Skip a song. • $skipto - Skip to any of one song of the queue playlist. • $bassboost - Change the audio effect of the song. • $clearqueue - Clear the all songs of the Queue. • $remove - Remove number of songs from the queue. • $save - Save the current song. • $lyrics - Get the current song or any song's lyrics. • $shuffle - Shuffle the queue. • $volume - Change the volume of the current song. • $loop - Enable or Disable loop of the current song. • $loopqueue - Enable or Disable Queue Loop. • $seek - Set the position of the song. • $search - Search any song and get a list of song details. Select the song which you want to play.


$help - Get the help menu of all commands. • $invite - Get a invite link of bot. • $support - Get support server link. • $ping - Get the bot latency. • $uptime - Get the uptime of bot. • $botinfo - Get the information about bot.

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