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Hello, We have tons of image generation commands and games!


Prefix: >m

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Support Server

Hello, This is **Mitsuha** !

I am `NeeL_Official#5794`!. I developed this bot as everyone does but with a different mindset.The bot is not locked behind paywalls and all features are free forever like changeable prefix etc!.This bot has commands ranging from fun to games to keep your users engaged in your server!

I am highly active at discord to fix the bugs! If you found any bugs or commands aren't working just do `>m report ` and after you try the bot you can review it by `>m review ` !

Some of the commands are `>m help` , `>m botinfo` , `>m invite` and there are more commands which cannot be listed here as it will fill up!

And bot is 100% secured As it doesn’t asks for admin perms or useless perms!
But note,it creates a invite to your server but if you don't want that just unselect the `Create Invite` button while inviting the bot!

And the host i am using is good so expect no downtime but restart bot at scheduled time to free up some resources.

The bot leaves the servers which has less than 10 actual members!